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Fires Force Reroute of My PCT Backpacking

07/08/2015 | No Comments

The Spider Gap Buck Creek Loop backpacking trip was awesome. The forest fires around Glacier Peak increased in number and size to prevent me from backpacking from Stevens Pass to Stehekim, so I

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Oregon Central Coast

29/07/2015 | No Comments

I have been off the trail for 2 weeks and it seems like an eternity. I’m not sure if I just miss the wilderness or I am just overly pumped for the upcoming longer commitment.

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August Backpacking Schedule

23/07/2015 | No Comments

My backpacking schedule for August has been confirmed. August 1-7 I am doing Spider Gap Buck Creek Loop near Glacier Peak just Southeast of the PCT providing a great 44 mile loop rated difficult. I will do the loop with friends; Bob and

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Timberline to Cascade Locks

15/07/2015 | No Comments

My second Oregon PCT segment was excellent, the weather was what you would expect and the scenery was as good as it gets. Abby Unfortunately when it ended and

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Backpacking Tomorrow – Yes

22/06/2015 | No Comments

The backpack is loaded and I am ready to go. Tomorrow I will kickoff my first segment at Willamette Pass on highway 58 just East of Eugene, OR, where I will head north on the Pacific Crest Trail for 75

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Where it all started

10/06/2015 | No Comments

On my trip back to the Northwest an important stop for me is Steamboat Springs, CO. An old Indian legend of the Yampa was that one returns to live in the Yampa Valley 3 times. That legend

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On the Road

07/06/2015 | No Comments

I have been on the road for 5 days and Abby and I are adjusting to a relaxed flexible schedule. The drive across the plains was painless and a rather enjoyable way to begin the clearing of the head. Abby

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NW Drought Backpacker Concerns

16/05/2015 | No Comments

I am winding down my CIO career in Higher Ed so my thoughts wander more frequently to my next career of backpacking. It does appear that it will be a co-career with continued involvement with leading technological change in various

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Into the Wild

25/04/2015 | No Comments

I have resigned as CIO of Missouri University of Science & Technology with an exit date planned for the end of May. I will be Returning to Oregon thanks to my wife’s new employment there. For the last few months

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Teaching Real Business Skills

13/04/2015 | No Comments

I recently attended the SAP Academic Conference Americas 2015 in Tempe, AZ. I was invited to help present a session on how we had stimulated teaching and research with the purchase of our

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