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A Night in Paradise Park

2015-10-28 | No Comments

It had been 3 weeks since I last escaped to the wilderness so I just had to take advantage of the two day good weather forecast.

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Mountain Top Experience

2015-10-06 | No Comments

My backpacking choices just seem to get better and better. The weather October 5th was exceptional and I did not have any commitments for the start of the week so why not find a local backpacking trip. This one was

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Sleep by a Mountain

2015-09-20 | No Comments

When you have discovered the joy of being one with nature the call to return to the wilderness if often heard. I may not have time to put together week long outings,

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A MOOC Strategy that Worked

2015-09-17 | No Comments

It appears that Udacity, one of the early MOOCs, founded by Sebastian Thrun, has found a profitable model based on vocational training. When the MOOCs started out the assumed model was the college course which made total sense with

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2015-09-03 | No Comments

I have been reflecting about my last 3 months of backpacking. What stands out the most for me is that I actually did it, I fulfilled a dream.

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The West Coast Trail – Vancouver Island, BC

2015-08-30 | No Comments

I finished off my 2 month backpacking adventure by choosing to leave the hot, dry, smokey Pacific Crest Trail to take on the infamous West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, BC.

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Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass

2015-08-29 | No Comments

I backpacked the Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass, PCT Washington Segment J from Aug. 8-16, 2015. It is 71 miles and over 18,000 vertical. This trip on the heals of my Spider Gap

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Spider Gap Buck Creek Loop

2015-08-19 | No Comments

I am sorry for being a bit late on posting about our Spider Gap Buck Creek Loop trip, Aug 1-6. As expected this loop was amazing and lived up to our high expectations.

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Fires Force Reroute of My PCT Backpacking

2015-08-07 | No Comments

The Spider Gap Buck Creek Loop backpacking trip was awesome. The forest fires around Glacier Peak increased in number and size to prevent me from backpacking from Stevens Pass to Stehekim, so I

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Oregon Central Coast

2015-07-29 | No Comments

I have been off the trail for 2 weeks and it seems like an eternity. I’m not sure if I just miss the wilderness or I am just overly pumped for the upcoming longer commitment.

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