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Microsoft’s Groove could have been a Wave

I suppose anyone who has spent time playing with Google’s Wave application will be inspired to blog about it. My comment is just that it is amazing and it will change the world of digital collaborative communication. What I want to mention is why Microsoft didn’t turn their Groove into Wave. About 5 years ago the Wave of the day was a product called Groove. It was far ahead of its time with respect to group collaboration. Microsoft purchased it and eventually bundled it with Office.

Office Groove 2007 is a collaboration software program that helps teams work together dynamically and effectively, even if team members work for different organizations, work remotely, or work offline.

Well, I can’t say that I have heard much about Groove for a while, but I’m sure it is still the best option for a client server based group collaboration tool. Of course the world is moving to the Cloud and I don’t think Groove will be there competing with Google’s Wave. These two applications are representative of the strategic positioning of the 2 companies. From all that I’ve seen with Wave so far, I am convinced that it will redefine how we collaborate, it will eventually replace email as we know it, and it will make $billions for Google by enhancing the value of their data mining product. So do you place your bet on Google’s open Cloud model or Microsoft’s Office tethered Cloud model? I can’t imagine not embracing Wave so obviously leveraging other Google Apps will be influenced by that direction.

Just Impressed that Google is Willing to Wave

In my last post I mention how we have abandoned our Jabber server since GTalk gives us all that we need. I am even happier now knowing that we may actually be laying the groundwork for how we will all “Wave to each other. The problem is with stability which is really the main issue. Most of the solutions/clients we currently use tend to fall short of that desired stability and I would assume they are based on a more traditional transactional handshake. I can’t imagine the complexity of managing Wave transactions. Wave is an ambitious realtime OS but it has to account for every conceivable interruption as well as interpretation of user status. But you know what, it is so impressive that Google is even trying to do this. It gives me great confidence in what they assume the Internet will be capable of.