Reliable Online Tools to Make Your Writing Easier


Missing spellings, phrases, or grammar is a common habit to most students. Before the acceleration of internet use, this may be trivial. However, the internet has made writing easier to an extent these mistakes should be rendered extinct. If you have been failing to identify errors in your paper, you must be asking yourself how to simplify the whole writing process. Well, worry no more. The following are tools to help you:  

Paraphrasing Tools

Do you have a section of your paper you need to paraphrase? There are free online tools you can use. You may have plagiarized unintentionally, and you realized when you are almost finishing the paper. In such a case, do not worry. Access these tools to paraphrase it for you. However, since they are not human, the paraphrased version may deviate from the intended meaning. Check, and correct accordingly. 

  • Plagiarism Checkers 

Writing the paper may occupy your mind to an extent you fail to notice plagiarized sections. Plagiarism checking tools help you in such a situation. All you need to do is log in and paste your paper to check for plagiarism. After that, you may paraphrase or replace the sections. Moreover, some of these tools give you suggestions on alternative sentences to use.

  • Editing Tools

Editing your paper is key to ensuring it possesses the credibility it deserves. However, the editing process turns out to be more tiresome than writing the paper itself. To avoid fatigue, access free online editing tools. These tools identify the errors and give you suggestions on how to correct them. Some of them are free, while some are not. For basic editing, you do not need to pay. The payment mostly depends on the degree of editing you want to perform. 

  • Writing Tools

Have you heard of online writing tools? Despite their prolonged existence, most students perceive seeking writing services as cheating. However, it is better to seek writing assistance and learn from the experts, rather than get stuck with the same ideas and fail to achieve your desired grade.

Maybe you have been wondering -can someone write my paper at a fee? You can pay an expert to write it for you. In the process, you learn. You can do this until you can handle your assignments on your own. 

  • Note-Taking Tools 

 Did you know there are online tools that can help you take notes? The uniqueness in them is that they condense your point into a form you can easily read and understand. Additionally, if you are not good at being orderly, they organize the notes for you. Moreover, they store the notes for an indefinite period. Since writing college papers is a process and may take longer, these tools may save you from losing your researched data before you finish your essay. 

  • Time Trackers

These tools fit students who may be lazy but want to finish their paper within the required timeline. All you need to do is feed your to-do list and timeframe into the tool you choose. It will schedule and organize these events for you in a manner that ensures productivity. If you have a hard task, it also simplifies it into manageable portions. Besides, it reminds you when to perform a given activity. Try using these tools to abridge how you handle your papers and submit them promptly. 


Online tools make your academic life bearable. They also ensure your paper meets the qualifications. Use them to add quality to your assignments. If you are worried about the cost, some of them are free.