What does Business process improvement (Continuous improvement) look like?


Organizations require efficient processes to enhance productivity and increase their output. Process improvement is a critical aspect of the development and growth of an organization because it helps to solve the challenges limiting the body from developing. Process improvement involves a series of steps to identify, analyze and improve the business processes to meet the set goals and objectives of the organization. The process improvement can enable an organization to reduce the cost and increase the profits of that institution. Process improvement can involve approaches such as the measure, manage and improve. Business process improvement case study is an important part of researching, analyzing and developing business strategy in management and consulting.

The three approaches to process improvement provide a continuous improvement in the operations of an enterprise. There is the aspect of operational intelligence that provides the clients with the data that contribute to the processes. The acquired data can enable the clients to understand the efficiency of the operations and also the measure of the quality of service regarding the processes. Management of the processes is crucial to avoid the unnecessary cost that may be incurred due to a series of repeated actions. However, there is the need to improve the process by providing quality and also the quantity of the deliverable. The measure of the current processes performance is necessary because it helps in the development of future capabilities.

The requirement of several tools and techniques in the process improvement is essential. It is critical for the techniques to be applied in an organization by the people who work on the processes. For the tools to be used in the aspect of process improvement, the management must be willing to accommodate change and cares about the improvement of quality. The administration should show their commitment towards process improvement by providing training to the employees and provision of the necessary support when implementing the processes.

One of the tools to be used in process improvement is brainstorming. The device can be employed together with cause and the effect tool. The technique is used to acquire a large number of ideas within a short period in different situations. Solutions to the problems are accepted with no criticism. The aspect of brainstorming involves identification of the problem. Problem identification is a critical issue during brainstorming. A problem can be identified where there is no improvement in an organization or there is reduced efficiency.

Identification of the areas that need improvement. There are key areas that may require being modified or be improved to enhance productivity in an organization. However, the solutions to the problems and regions that needs improvement should be provided and be implemented. Implementation of the solution may not be an easy task because the management of an institution must be willing to accommodate the change and also train the staff about the improved processes.

Statistical process control. The statistical process control a tool for the management of the operations. It helps to reduce the variability in the items as well as in the processes which may interfere with the quality of the processes. The statistical process control creates a warning when the performance of the operations declines hence the need to pay attention. It is necessary for the data recording either regarding numbers or information to aid in decision-making. A control chart can be used in a statistical process control to monitor processes in control through the use of average. Representation of the data is in a chronological order indicating the change of value within a given time.
Practices for process improvement. Improving efficiency of the processes in an organization is vital. Different factors can contribute to process improvement in an enterprise.

Utilization of technology. Use of technology can assist to enhancing process improvement in an organization. Innovation can improve the efficiency within an organization and also help to save the time and resources within that organization. Wireless systems such as the radio frequency can be used to monitor the inventory hence improving the process management regarding the inventory. The use of software systems such as the enterprise resource planning systems can as well aid in process improvement of an organization. The software helps to customize most of the applications used within the organization and provides the platform that can be used for different activities. The issue of the network technology can as well aid in performance improvement of an organization. The system helps to share resources and files under one repository.

The aspect of outsourcing. Some external individuals can perform the specific task in the enterprise which may be not core. The experts can take control over the processes hence reducing the cost and enhance effectiveness.

The factor of supply chains. Purchasing and supplies is a core component function of an organization. The aspect of supply chain involves a significant number of steps because the different levels interrelate with each other. However, there is the need for a competitive advantage among organizations by improving the various processes involved in the enterprises. Process improvement can help to cut down the cost and reduce the time used for certain activities. The processes should be measured either regarding quality, time and their productivity. The quality of a process contributes to the overall growth of the business sector. Wait time in the process steps is also a measure of process improvement. An increase in the quality of the process service contributes to an increase in the quality of the processes and the output of the organization.

Supply Chain Visual Aid

There is a challenge in the supply chain department, and there is the need to improve the processes to aid in efficiency in the organization. There is an increase in the operating cost which leads to complexity in the economy operators. Technology can be used to get rid of the challenge in the supply chain either through system development which can as well help in improving the market share.

The problems in the supply chain processes lead to difficulties in the access to the market. However, there is the aspect of inefficiency in the internal market of the organization which may result in low productivity hence leading to a reduce income level.

Lack of transparency has also necessitated a challenge in the market failure. The supply chain is a critical department and needs surveillance to enhance transparency which can lead to improvement in the operations of the organization.

Low-quality process in the supply chain leads to the misuse of the public resources which may have adverse implications for the organization. The administration has the responsibility to implement procedures and accept process improvement which can improve the effectiveness of the organization. It is necessary to improve the operations regarding the aspect of supply chain and improve them accordingly. Inventions of new ideas should be given a higher priority to aid in the improvement in the process of the organization.

The Gantt chart

The Gantt chart

The above Gantt chart illustrates the steps that can be followed during process improvement. There are the phases of the process improvement and the duration concerning weeks.

  • Planning. Planning is the first procedure during the process improvement whereby there are plans in the sector that can be improved such as the supply chain process.
  • Problem definition. In this phase, a problem is identified and defined. The may involve a single process or multiple processes in the organization.
  • Gathering of ideas and solutions. In this step, the different ideas and the scope of process improvement are well defined. The ideas can be from various sources on what can be done on the particular process to contribute to the effectiveness of the organization.
  • Implementation stage. In this juncture, the gathered ideas are put into practice with the approval of the institution’s management.
  • Testing and presentation. In these steps, the ideas are tested whether they conform to the organization’s standards as well as their standards. The process improvement can now be presented and documented for future clarification.
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